new range of brazing aluminium alloys

New range of aluminium brazing and soldering products

Saldobrase srl is expanding its range of aluminium brazing and soldering products. While once always seen as an application involving numerous technical difficulties, there are now various solutions available for brazing and soldering aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to other materials, such as iron, steel, copper and its alloys, delivering excellent brazing and soldering performance. The range includes aluminium-silicon alloys and aluminium-zinc alloys in flux-cored rods, wires and rings with cross-sections and dimensions produced to order and with different core flux options.

Find out all the Saldobrase products for aluminium brazing

aluminium brazing products
The most complete range of products for aluminium brazing

Our decision to offer custom products stems from the need to cater to an ever-growing demand and from the variety of applications, especially in the automotive industry and in the production of parts for the HVAC market.

Other important news for this and other applications is due to be announced by Saldobrase in the coming months, stay tuned!

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