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Saldobrase is a company witch has been successfully operating in the field of brazing and soldering from over 35 years. Thanks to our experience we operate all over the world with the ability to find efficient solutions and manufacturing high quality products that are the key for the success of our customers. The headquarter is based in the north-east of Italy, only 30 Km far from Venice.

Flexibility, expertise and an ability to devise dynamic solutions, even with very short time frames.

Founded in 1982 in one of the most dynamic manufacturing centres in Italy’s industrious Northeast, Saldobrase is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale, domestically and internationally, of welding, soldering and brazing materials.

We offer a range of alloys that meet the requirements of businesses in various sectors, from engineering to heating, from plumbing to eyewear, with an array of forms and materials catering to every need: bare and coated rod, wire, strip, rings, preforms, powder, paste and flux.

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Tailored performance and computerized logistic for ongoing customer support.

Over the years, we have amassed extensive know-how allowing us to meet any requirement, ensuring ongoing support as well as flexibility and punctuality when it comes to delivery methods and deadlines, with certified products inspected and tested by qualified personnel.
With our considerable production capacity, we can handle orders from customers of any size, drawing on a full complement of technical and manufacturing expertise.
We export our products to markets all across Europe as well as to North Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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Uncompromising quality is the number one ingredient in our products

Quality, technical expertise and service are the cornerstones of our business strategy. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction, meeting expectations and demands by offering products and services of equally high quality.

We have an ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality system so you can rest assured all our products are certified, not to mention inspected and tested by highly qualified personnel.

Investing in the quality as the building block of our future growth

Our quality laboratory employs cutting-edge equipment to inspect materials and semi-finished products, performing testing such as:

  • spectrometric analysis
  • differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis
  • thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • dimensional inspections
  • tensile testing

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