anelli animati con disossidante per brasatura

Flux Cored Rings

Saldobrase keeps on innovating to always elevate its standard.
The last output of this approach is an exclusive solution to optimize even more both the brazing processes and quality output.

These brand-new products are characterized by an integrated cored flux that makes the brazing process easier and quicker than ever. The rings are available in two different solutions:

Automatic and fast brazing. Highest quality.

Flux cored rings

anello in lega con disossidante incorporato per brasatura

Flux cored rings are available in silver base alloy, aluminum-silicon and aluminum-zinc alloys.

They are produced with an engraving on the entire inner circumference of the ring: this allows the flux present inside to flow out. It guarantees the cleaning of the pieces and constant protection of the bath already from the first stages of heating, with excellent penetration of the alloy inside the joint.

Sintered rings

anello in lega sinterizzata per brasatura automatica

The sintered rings are indicated for aluminum brazing because of their homogeneous melting and better wetting. This solution avoids the poor penetration of the filler material inside the joint, typical of these applications.

The rings production is obtained by a mix of AlSi12 alloy powders (Al 112 ISO 17672) and flux, keeping their percentage constant over the entire surface of the joint to be brazed


Optimal alloy and flux ratio

Top quality of flux and alloy

Repeatability and quality of brazing

Fast execution without flux application

Zero flux residues to remove after brazing

Maximun automatization

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