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Saldobrase manufactures and trades the most complete range of products and alloys for brazing and soldering.

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New range of aluminium brazing and soldering products

Saldobrase srl is expanding its range of aluminium brazing and soldering products. The range includes aluminium-silicon alloys and aluminium-zinc alloys in flux-cored rods, wires and rings customizable.

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Brazing Products and Solutions

Saldobrase is a company which specialises in national and international marketing of materials for welding, soldering and brazing. We offer a range of alloys which meets the demands of companies operating in various industries  with a variety of shapes and materials for every need.


1. Choose the alloy

Find the perfect alloy for you application

raw alloy

2. Choose the flux

Match the fitted flux to the alloy for your application

3. Define the format

Find the best solution among our proposals


Technology, service, quality.

Saldobrase is distinguishing itself for the flexibility, competence and the ability to find dynamic solutions, also in short time.


Discover more about brazing and how to solve eventual issues during the soldering.

Brazing is a kind of welding that uses a filler metal to join two metal peaces, without the merging of the same.

brazing example
manual brazing

There are several kind of brazing depending to the methodology and to the kind of filler metal.

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nuovo sito online saldobrase

New website now online

In April 2019, the new saldobrase.it website will go online, with improved graphics and more user-friendly content, now available in 3 languages: Italian, English and

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