brazing and soldering equipment

Soldering, brazing and
welding equipment

Saldobrase offers also all the equipments required to brazing and soldering such as blowpipes, accessories, vaporizers and manu others.

soldering and brazing blowpipes


In our catalogue are available cutting blowpipes, soldering blowpipes, handles, flame equipments, mixers, spears, tips.

Kit and Accessories

Our equipment catalogue includes flashback arrestors, safety devices, quick connectors, pressure gauges, flowmeters, regulator fittings, welding goggles, single or twin hoses, flint lighters, and battery-powered lighters.

soldering and brazing equipment
manual brazing

Liquid flux vaporizers

We have a range of equipment for handling liquid fluxes, such as valves, braided metal hoses, and accessories.

Pressure reducers

Pressure regulators for cylinders, regulators for stations, regulators with flowmeter, pure gas regulators, gas manifold systems, gas savers.

brazing pressure reducers