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Saldobrase is not just a brazing material supplier: thanks to multi-year experience in the field and a team of experts, we provide several services starting from training, consulting, up to the required certification to operate with the maximum quality standard.

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Brazing materials

products and services for brazing

Saldobrase supplies certified best quality materials for any kind of brazing, via standard or custom solutions.


We organize theoretical/practical training sessions for your operators, held by our specialists with the release of certifications and attendance certificate.

Brazing station
Designing and Installing

brasatura di un giunto

Saldobrase offers services of study and installation for brazing stations, if you don’t have them in your shop floor. We provide all materials and devices required as well.

Consulting in all
Process Steps

saldobrase quality measuring

We offer all-in consultant services, starting from the study of processes and the choose of alloys, up to the improvement of the existing products and the definition of custom solutions.


laboratorio qualità brasatura

We release of certifications regarding brazing processes and operators with the support of certified entities.